Introducing Migration Automation

How have we grown since 2022?

2022 was a very interesting year.
We learn so much about our customers, what are their preferences? What are their challenges during the migration process? How to make the process smoother and faster?
As cliché as it may sound, the company’s vision is to listen to the voice of our customers and their concerns. This is the only way for an organization to grow – constantly improving and becoming more efficient.

What are the reasons for the complexity of the migration process? What are its inherent challenges?

A major challenge in content migration and transformation occurs as an organization grows and its data resources become more complex. It might seem risky or challenging to deal with such complexity at first. Links can be broken, data can be missed, and retaining access levels is a must. All organizational data will be transferred from your existing enterprise content management system to your new SharePoint Online environment.

Regardless of the size of the organization, the migration process can take quite some time. As a result, it is desirable and recommended to divide the process into batches based on departments, subjects, priorities, teams, spaces etc.

Furthermore, SharePoint limitations are another challenge to consider, with a few examples to be taken into consideration as provided below:

• SharePoint Online document library view limit threshold (300,000 files)
• SharePoint Online URL length up to 400 Characters
• Does not support invalid characters (” * : < > ? / \ |)
• Duplicate filenames and folder names
• Blocked Extensions
• Invalid file and folder names that cannot be migrated to SharePoint

Each of the above limitations can be handled, simulated, and auto solved by Tzunami Deployer.

What have we learned?

Based on the feedback we have received from customers over the years, we realized that we needed a powerful feature that would allow the migration projects to be performed automatically and without configurations. That is why, Tzunami has developed and released an automated migration feature and console allowing organizations to push TBs of data into Office 365 without compromise. Organizations and customer can split the migration process into multiple plans/phase that would run in parallel automatically by providing a simple source/target CSV. Tzunami Deployer will take care of the migration, permissions, and handle limitation on its own.

What is migration automation?

The data migration automation feature is handled by Tzunami Deployer and without the involvement of a human – it is fully automated and eliminates performing and manual configurations and/or decisions. At the beginning of the process, the organization determines in advance what is the source ECM content and what are the target SharePoint site collection URLs. The automated migration process can be run immediately, or scheduled to any desired timeframe – for example during the weekend when the network load and usages are low.

Migration automation

Tzunami Deployer automation and migration tool allows high speed migrations while covering:

• Security/ACL information
• Metadata and custom properties
• Content restructuring
• Problematic areas – long paths, characters, duplicates, and blocked extensions

After migrating, use Tzunami’s detailed reports and Post Migration Service to validate migrated items, structure, permissions, metadata and more – at the press of a button!
Tzunami’s automation platform for migration and post migration solution are designed to migrate TBs of data daily, improve efficiency, reduce cost and manhours.



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