Benefits Of Tzunami’s SharePoint Migration Tool

Are you looking to transfer and update your older ECM or previous version of SharePoint to a new one? If yes, then you can use the Tzunami Deployer SharePoint migration tool for moving all your content from multiple systems to a new SharePoint environment. This tool comes in very handy for transferring all SharePoint technologies and components such as Confluence to SharePoint migration.

As Microsoft has stopped offering support, security, maintenance, and updates for legacy versions of SharePoint, several companies have moved their data. It makes sense to migrate your organization’s enterprise content to newer supported SharePoint versions like SharePoint 2019 as the older editions do not offer good security. The Tzunami Deployer allows you to smoothly migrate Documentum to SharePoint online as well as upgrade SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2019.

Migration allows users to restructure content and provide better data management. The task is more daunting when the files have to be moved manually. For this purpose, the Tzunami SharePoint Migration tool, the Tzunami Deployer, exists. It will help administrators transfer bulk data while allowing them to save file metadata and versions during the process of migration.

The Tzunami Deployer helps to accelerate a user’s journey during the migration to SharePoint 2019, SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013, and other online SharePoint products and services. It removes the challenges that are associated with these migration projects, making the venture a seamless one for the user. Basically, the Tzunami Deployer provides a faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective solution for data migration. It also helps to migrate data from versions of SharePoint from 2001 and above.

Tzunami’s migration tool is a response to the difficulties encountered in transferring content from an old ECM system or an old SharePoint version to a new one.

sharepoint migration tool

The SharePoint migration tool is relatively easy to deploy. It does not overwhelm the user with an immense load of stress but details its processes with quick and easy steps. It, therefore, does not involve much of a hassle to initiate it nor does it require extensive processes of testing and observation.

Furthermore, the tool also allows users to select the time they want the migration to happen. This could be during non-office hours or any other time peculiar to the company. The idea of it is to bring disruptions down to a barest minimum and save the company the costs that it may incur from that.

Tzunami’s SharePoint migration tool comes equipped with all the functionalities and capabilities for meeting all your requirements while carrying out SharePoint online migration.

Tzunami Deployer offers:

  • Multi-System Support
  • Link Resolver Service
  • URL redirection
  • Migrates all List Types
  • Security Management and Migration
  • Pre migration tools
  • Global Mapping
  • Multiple language support
  • Delta migration
  • Modern page support
  • Version Management
  • Migration API
  • Metadata Migration
  • Migration Automation – NEW


Why is it easy to use?
The Tzunami’s SharePoint Migration Solution has a relatable platform that is easy to understand and use. A user must, however, remember to plan the migration process from a single source point to remove the risks of downtime and eliminate or minimize business disruption. The SharePoint Migration Tool is easy because;
• Transfers all the data to the cloud
• All the indicated data are easy to locate and select
• The migration process can be scheduled to a convenient time
• Comprehensive reports on the process are always given.

With this tool, Tzunami can transfer or migrate data from the source location to the destination point easily and securely.



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