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On Premise To Cloud Migration

Transfer your local data and other business elements to the cloud 

There are many advantages of migrating On Premise to the cloud. Cost efficiency is one of the main reasons for making the move from legacy on-premise enterprise data warehouse to the cloud. Maintaining on-prem computing infrastructure requires: physical security, electricity, space, operating systems, construction, air conditioning, hardware procurement, networking and more. Instead, you can shift these costs to a cloud service provider which will be responsible for all that and you can dramatically save money.

Many users who have an on-premise data centers  are concerned about security

Cloud service providers such as AWS, Microsoft and Google required to meet the highest security standards in the industry so it does present more risk than on-prem.  Furthermore, you can forget from EOL server notifications, you don’t need to upgrade your server anymore, patches, bug fixes and security upgrades automatically (e.g Confluence server to Office 365). Manage cloud data centers in an aggressively growing market, saving you this headache.


Most of the cloud storage providers affords you flexibility and the best performance in the industry: the newest Intel processors, the most optimized RAM memory, etc. When you use a cloud environment you can see the immediate impact on your business, especially in today’s competitive market where leaders move fast.

How to prepare on premise to cloud migration project?

1. Target

Decide which cloud environment is the best for your needs (e.g migrate to office 365).

2. Analyze

Analyze how much data will be transferred.

3. Organize

Organize your data structure and search for potential migration issues

4. Cost

Calculate the migration project cost

5. migration tool

Based on that, choose the most suitable migration tool for you

Choosing a third party tool for the migration is one of the most critical tasks at this stage of preparing the project

Organizations are actually looking for a migration tool that will help them migrate all of their files from their existing ECM system to the cloud for example from Documentum to SharePoint Online.  A successful migration should feel as seamless as possible to the organization, so work isn’t disrupted. Tzunami has cost-effective migration tools that will help you with a simple deployment without dependency on a source platform,

It is necessary to make sure that the provider is reliable, has vast experience, provides 24/7 support, invests resources in its development, offers exactly the services and tools that the business needs. Every organization has its very own needs and preferences. These include security migration, metadata migration, delta migration, scheduling, access control migration, property mapping, link migration, batch operations and more. At Tzunami, we have also a unique solution for migrate links that helps you to prevent data loss. Read more about our URL redirection tool here.

Check out the systems we support for On Premise to cloud Migration

On Premise to Cloud  Migration

Tzunami covers you through the entire migration life cycle, from pre migration, export data including metadata, virtual deployment, tailor configurations, automatic migration and also deltas and post migration solutions. We have range of ECM on premise systems and over 30 cloud providers.

With our SharePoint migration tool, you can create the migration in a few clicks. With our fully-automated solution, just choose your source and target and even perform multiple migrations easily.

Let’s Work together

Here, at Tzunami, we help you to extract the most value from your data migration project and enables you to manage all on premise to cloud migration projects simultaneously and easily.

If you have any further questions, you can book a free consultation with one of our experts. 

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