Delta migration

Tzunami Deployer provides a single click delta migration solution!

Data migration can be split into three levels: Pre migration and preparation, the migration process and the post migration, which include delta migrations. This can be applied to any project. Although, Delta SharePoint migration is more complex and time consuming.

Delta migration

Data migration is the migration of all needed data from your source system to your target system when all data are transferred at once. However, if you have thousands of documents, wiki pages and so on that have been changing during the migration process you have to use the delta migration solution.

What is delta migration?

Delta migration solution allows migrate only the newest data into your target system, for example delta Docushare content into Office 365.

In almost every migration process, end users are making changes until the new environment goes live. In case you made a copy, the source system is running live or you make changes to the workflow in the copy, Tzunami Deployer’s  Delta migration tool is the perfect solution for you.

How to transfer newly modified data while migrating to SharePoint ?

Admins initiate the delta migration with a single click after Deployer itself Exports, Reads, Maps, Configures, Restructures and executes all the necessary steps needed to make sure your organization’s latest changes are ready in the new SharePoint.

Tzunami Deployer uses Security, Property and Value mappings from the previous migration by default. Even though, more modification can be added to the mapping file. Tzunami Deployer provides an option to use a global (custom) mappings across all delta migrations too.

Tzunami Deployer’s Sharepoint migration tool saves all the mapping files (Property, Value, Roles, Groups and Entities) when migrating the content from ECM and SharePoint source system to any SharePoint. Those mapping files are re-used, by default, when performing delta migration.

Based on existing projects, Deployer identifies and plans the structure of source items that need to be exported and carries out delta content migration (contents that were modified since last export). The new exported contents will be automatically loaded into the Deployer Sharepoint content migration and management tool


Can be configured following high volume data migration into SharePoint, the entire process is done at a press of a button.

Delta Reports

Deployer analyzes existing migration reports to figure out which items will be deployed for the incremental migration. During deployment, project admins do not need to take any action. Deployer will use all the security mapping, property mapping and value mapping files based on the option selected by the admin in previous migration.

The Delta migration service is part of Deployer’s post data migration tools

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