At Tzunami Inc., we understand the challenges of a fast-changing technological environment. Enterprises today need a simple solution that migrates all an organization’s content to advanced SharePoint systems.

Tzunami Deployer provides the optimal features for your migration needs

Easy to use

Safe data transfer with a powerful and flexible graphic user interface (GUI), which is simple and easy to learn. It has drag-and-drop elements between the original source system and SharePoint as well as familiar Windows Explorer-like views and wizards for complex processes. "Getting Started" wizard for first-time users.

Migrates all List Types

Using the powerful deployment wizard, content structure can be remodeled during the migration processes. Secure large file transfer, SharePoint sites, lists, libraries, folders and more can be modeled, customized, designed and redefined


Using this feature, the IT administrator will be able to know exactly the expected size and items count (files, folders, data items, etc) that is required for the SharePoint.

Delta Migration

This feature will overwrite at the destination any file that was modified or created after your last migration date Start Time as a new file version (e.g delta Docushare to SharePoint). The entire delta SharePoint process is done at a press of a button.

Multi-System Support

Tzunami supports a variety of ECMs, allowing you to export content from multiple source systems from a single, easy-to-learn interface. For example from Documentum To SharePoint, Confluence to SharePoint, Docushare to SharePoint and many more (click on the title to see all our supported systems for encrypted data transfer).

Security Management and Migration

Secure data transfer can be performed as part of the content migration, retaining users and groups permissions. Furthermore, security migration is facilitated for users from different domains, even between systems that are connected to different LDAP systems.

URL redirection

Redirects any requests for an item already transferred to its new location in SharePoint. This will prevent broken links (also within documents) and prevent users from modifying content that was already migrated into SharePoint.

Link Resolver Service

A component of Tzunami Deployer, which is required to fix links during migration. Fixing the link inside A to point to B. The Tzunami Link Resolver Service runs as a windows service

File Filtering

Quickly locate one or more items, based on various ECM system’s criteria as well as specific property values. Filter out documents and other non-essential items to highlight the most important content.

Migration API

Tzunami Deployer Performs Sharepoint migration to Office 365 Utilizing Microsoft's Migration API for higher throughput and avoiding throttling.

Detailed Migration Report

Business file transfer with extensive reporting during export, deployment, and migration phase enables users to make sure all content is successfully migrated.

Metadata Migration

Includes metadata providers system for exporting metadata from files. The new system enables metadata information to be extracted from files resulting in improved content taxonomy. Automatically fixed invalid metadata (Date/Time and Numeric properties). Extensive support for Lookup properties.

Value Mapping

Users are able to map between the different values from the source content to the equivalent values in the target system.

Property Mapping

Properties can be mapped from the source content to newer systems or even different property types. Properties can be added and modified to the target system both during the migration process as well as from a central point for metadata administration.

Version Management

Export items versions. Choose the types of item versions to export. Control deployment and migration deciding how you would like to manage version in transit to Office 365.


Run a migration during off-hours, weekend or any other time that fits your needs, you can schedule the migration plan to start when you are ready.

Global Mapping

Export items versions. Map the entire setting, permissions, groups, properties, metadata, values once before migrating into SharePoint. You can save and use the same global setting for your future migration projects.

Migration Automation - NEW

Use our Migration Plan template and fill the migration requirements such as Source Path & ID, Export Location and Target URL. You can even schedule it and the migration will start immediately without requiring any intervention - save time and effort with this new feature to expedite your migration process.

Missing a Feature ?

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