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Tzunami Deployer for LiveLink (OpenText Content Server) Migration Tool

Tzunami Deployer for OpenText Content Server (formerly known as LiveLink®) enables the migration of content from OpenText Content Server LiveLink to SharePoint products and technologies.  Tzunami Deployer for LiveLink Migration Tool is part of the Tzunami Deployer Family of Products, which has been developed specifically to respond to all advanced LiveLink to SharePoint migration requirements such as LiveLink to SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 and LiveLink to SharePoint 2019.  Our LiveLink migration solution allows the user to extract all LiveLink content via command on any machine with designated permissions.  Meanwhile, the user can load, deploy and migrate content to SharePoint on a separate machine. With the ability to connect remotely to the OpenText LiveLink server, users easily chose the content to be migrated from LiveLink to SharePoint online for example.

Tzunami Deployer for Live Link migration has the ability to run exporter from the command line, allowing running exports as part of scripts. This tool supports primarily content migration from LiveLink to SharePoint. You can also use our analysis tool before migrating from LiveLink to Office 365 and prepare better the process.

We provide migration and professional services for LiveLink to SharePoint and Office 365.

Livelink Migration
OpenText Content Server Migration
LiveLink to SharePoint migration Solutions

LiveLink migration to SharePoint is a complex process. However, over the years we developed various solutions for LiveLink to Office 365 migration and all other versions of SharePoint. Tzunami LiveLink Exporter enables migrating LiveLink content into SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2019 or SharePoint Online using Tzunami Deployer. To load LiveLink content into Tzunami Deployer, you must first extract the content, using LiveLink Exporter.

When working with Deployer on several machines, you can run an export on one machine and load the exported data on another. Tzunami LiveLink Exporter is an extension module of Tzunami Deployer. You can work with this module independently of Tzunami Deployer.

How to transfer your content from
LiveLink to SharePoint?

With Tzunami Deployer, you can easily migrating LiveLink to SharePoint with our 4 unique steps.
Migrate LiveLink to Office 365 and any other SharePoint version like SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, and LiveLink to SharePoint 2019.


Export data from your server including metadata using Tzunami Exporter


Load exported data into Deployer
Read entire SharePoint destination


Drag and Drop migration with all needed configurations


Migrate data into your new SharePoint environment



Read Sharepoint



Tzunami Deployer for LiveLink allows users to export the following types of objects (with their relevant subtype ID) from the OpenText LiveLink server:

• Enterprise Workspaces
• Discussions (Topics and Replies)
• Tasks (Tasks Lists, Tasks Groups, and Tasks) and Milestones
• Channels and News
• Projects
• Folders
• Documents, Text Documents, and Compound Documents
• Links
• Aliases
• Email Volume’s
• Binders
• Generations
• Record Management

For details regarding support for additional object types please contact the Tzunami Support Team at [email protected].

As part of the export process, Tzunami Deployer for LiveLink repositions users and groups, as well as the following permissions:

• See
• See Content
• Modify
• Edit Attributes
• Delete Versions
• Add Items
• Delete
• Reserve
• Edit Permissions
• None

Using  Tzunami Deployer’s security mappings, users can perform the migration of users, groups (as well as groups membership) and permissions, even across Active Directory domains.

On top of the basic metadata, Tzunami Deployer for LiveLink enables the migration of metadata implemented using the two methods of metadata supported by OpenText LiveLink:

  • OpenText LiveLink 8.x or earlier releases: Additional Nodes Attributes (also called System Attributes).
  • OpenText LiveLink 9.x or later: Categories and Attributes.

Both methods are supported, and allow users to migrate metadata, and properties/columns to the target system. Using Tzunami Deployer, you can easily migrate and move content from LiveLink to SharePoint.

The following items are exported from LiveLink COP module:

  • Community
  • Library
  • Mail Archive
  • Mail
  • Blog
  • Blog Entry
  • Blog Comment
  • FAQ
  • FAQ Entry
  • Forum
  • Forum Topic
  • Email Folder

If any of these items have attachments, the exporter scans them, looking for Documents and

Text Documents, and exports them as well. When the item is deployed to SharePoint, it is deployed together with its attachments.

LiveLink credentials are used for the LiveLink API. These are the same credentials that users use to log-in in order to access the LiveLink portal.

The account provided to the LiveLink Exporter should have the following LiveLink permissions:

  • Log-in enabled
  • System administration rights

HTTP tunneling credentials is used only when the HTTP tunneling option is selected. These credentials are for the HTTP Web server that performs the tunneling, that is, one of the front-end web servers of the LiveLink farm.

Tzunami Exporter for LiveLink provides ability to run export sessions non-interactively using command line instructions. This allows administrators to plan and schedule long running migration jobs through scripts, batch files and schedulers according to needs and organizational timetables. To run the exporter in batch mode you will need exporter specification file explained in the ‘Choose Destination Folder’ step of the export wizard. The file contains all the export option details including:

  • Source ECM connectivity information (Server Address, User Name, Password etc.)
  • Items to export
  • Destination and Log Folder
  • Filter
  • Exporter specific options

This file can be edited to suit your needs however the XML schema of the file should not be altered. It is recommended that you generate a sample specifications file in the Destination

Folder Screen selection step of the export wizard and use it as a template to create your own specification file.

Tzunami Livelink Exporter uses the Livelink APIs to extract and export the Item metadata. Generally, the metadata extracted through APIs includes all necessary metadata and associated value that can be observed through livelink interface. However, Livelink database may store additional information in the database which cannot be extracted through APIs or in some cases cannot observe in Livelink interface as well. For example: Last Accessed date can be fetched from LiveLink using a SQL query on a LiveLink table, it doesn’t exist as a separate document metadata field. Tzunami Livelink Exporter provides added feature to extract such metadata. Further, the Livelink database should be accessible from the network where Tzunami Livelink Exporter is installed and database information and credential having privileges at least to execute query and fetch data are required.

Supported versions:

  • OpenText Content Server 10.5
  • Livelink ECM 10.0.0
  • Livelink 9.7.1
  • Livelink 9.7.0
  • Livelink 9.6.x

We also have a migration solution for OpenText Content Server 16.x or later
Click here to read how to migrate from OpenText Content Server 16 to SharePoint

Software requirements:

  • Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0
  • API access from network, HTTP Tunneling supported

*LiveLink® is a registered trademark owned by Open Text Corporation.

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