What Are the Benefits of SharePoint Migration and Moving Content to the Cloud?

What Are the Benefits of SharePoint Migration and Moving Content to the Cloud?

Using SharePoint in a business can greatly improve its efficiency and security, as well as reduce IT costs. But how can one carry out a SharePoint Migration without excessive initial outlay?

Transferring hundreds or even thousands of documents from your business’s local storage to the cloud is a daunting task. Time and cost are both major challenges when considering such a migration.

Specifically, is a SharePoint Migration going to bring your company more ROI in the long run than keeping all your documents on-premise, or will it just be an unnecessary hassle?

Benefits of moving your documents to SharePoint Online

Cloud storage has become a part of our daily lives. The introduction of new connected devices, coupled with the incredible decrease in storage costs means that cloud storage is regularly becoming both cheaper and more reliable.

SharePoint online is a leading player in the cloud storage field, specifically for businesses to manage documents and content, although it can be configured for a wide array of specific uses.

Some of the pros of cloud storage include:

  • Reduced IT costs. Cloud storage providers take care of maintenance, backups, hardware updates, etc, so your IT team doesn’t need to do it.
  • Easy access. Employees can access documents and files on the go, no matter where they are located. Furthermore, giving users external access is a piece of cake so long as they have a Microsoft account associated with their work email.
  • Increased security. SharePoint online files do not reside on the local computer unless they are checked out to be worked on. No more data breaches as a result of stolen or lost laptops!
  • Team collaboration. One of SharePoint Online’s main attractions is its incredible built-in collaboration features, ideal for working remotely.

SharePoint Migration

What’s involved in a SharePoint migration?

Conducting a SharePoint migration manually can be more expensive than it should be. This is especially true when one is already using another document management system or team collaboration tool such as Documentum, DocuShare, Lotus Notes, and others.

The most cost-effective way to carry out a SharePoint migration is through a tried and tested SharePoint Migration Tool. Whether you’re migrating from a cloud platform to SharePoint Online, or from your on-premise storage, data migration should be as simple as:

  • Analyzing what needs to be migrated
  • Configuring the tool to carry out the migration accordingly
  • Migrate to SharePoint online with a few clicks


Tzunami Deployer migrates content without disrupting work for employees. For those who are already using a content management solution, Tzunami redirects any requests for the old content to the new SharePoint address so that nothing “breaks” when employees try and find old content. Employees can simply continue working.

Moving content to the cloud is essential for any business’s survival, and with Tzunami’s SharePoint Migration tool, doing so doesn’t need to break the bank.

To find out more about how Tzunami’s SharePoint Migration tool can help your business, contact us for a demo or free evaluation.



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