Best Practice in Lotus Notes Migration

Best Practice in Lotus Notes Migration


Lotus Notes have had a long history in the enterprise software world. IBM Notes, formerly Lotus Notes, is one half of a collaborative client-server software platform sold by IBM. Lotus Notes has also been rebranded and is known as HCL Notes. This is essentially a desktop workflow application providing instant messaging, email, calendars, blogs, personnel directory, and forums to organizations.

However, compared to modern platforms and applications, Lotus Notes requires excessive maintenance by developers with very specific (and expensive) skill sets. Whether your organization has a few remaining Lotus Notes apps or hundreds, you’re probably painfully aware of the growing costs and complexities of maintaining these applications. The sooner you make the migration, the easier and less costly the process will be.

Lotus Notes Migration

Organizations are migrating their data to new platforms and migrate Lotus Notes to SharePoint online for example. With the right platform, it’s possible to build modern, multi-channel apps radically faster, easier, and at a lower cost.
Tzunami Deployer has tools to help you move your content from Lotus Notes successfully.. A Lotus Notes migration tool created by Tzunami Inc. a content migration company headquartered in Washington-is ideal for transferring both small and enterprise-level files and documents.

Lotus Notes to SharePoint migration

Tzunami comes in perfectly handy for migration of On-Premise Lotus Notes to SharePoint and migrating of Lotus Notes to Office 365. You can also transfer your data to over 20 cloud systems. You can extract PDF +XML documents and choose to archive your data, or migrate to SharePoint libraries.

Migration of Lotus Notes to Office 365

When it comes to moving your data from Lotus Notes to Office 365, you can take advantage of multiple automated options.

At the same time downloading and uploading tons of Lotus Notes content to Microsoft 365 may not be practical. You may have set aside specific Notes migration solutions for exporting the content with all metadata and security. Remember that migrating your entire Lotus Notes database could take a lot of time and the process could be complicated.

So before you begin the migration process, carefully evaluate your data structures and their functionality and relevancy in the future. Tzunami Deployer has an analyzer tool that can assist you in evaluating the amount data to be migrated from your Lotus Notes environment to SharePoint or Office 365.
Tzunami Lotus Notes Exporter supports redirection of Notes DocLinks to target documents in the SharePoint or Domino Web Server based on the best target location.

How to migrate Lotus Notes to SharePoint

Here are the migration steps for Lotus Notes to SharePoint on-premises or Office365:

1st step

Install Tzunami Notes Exporter on a machine having Lotus Notes client or Domino Server v5 or higher. Run the exporter and extract the data including security information. Our Tzunami Deployer exporter for Lotus Notes provides suggestions on whether to export as Data Items or as Documents or InfoPath based on the database template.

 2nd step

After the extraction process completes successfully, you are prompted to load the exported data into the current Tzunami Deployer project.

3rd step

In this step, you’ll connect the target system, e.g SharePoint. Provide the credential in the browser for connection and Tzunami Deployer begins scanning the target SharePoint and loads information about the selected site collection, including sub sites, lists, folders, files and list items.

4th step

Tzunami Deployer provides Auto deploy and manual deploy processes. In auto deploy process, all required security, property and value mapping are automatically deployed when you drag and drop the content from source system to target. In manual deploy process, mapping wizards for security, property and value mappings are displayed subsequently deployed when you drag and drop the content from source system to target. Once you’re through with the task, simply start the migration and uploading your data from Lotus Notes to SharePoint.

You can even schedule and automate migration plans to run when they least impact your network bandwidth, such as at night or during the weekend. Monitor your project status and track every step of the migration with detailed reports.

Tips for exporting data from Lotus Notes

  • Small chunks: When exporting Lotus Notes data, perform the export in small chunks of about 40K-50K files each that have a common logic.
  • Check for huge number of items: If the number of items to be extracted from Lotus Notes is greater than 5K, Tzunami Deployer exporter will extract the items into separate folders each containing 5K items.
  • Ensure consistency: Make sure that the content of the different exports do not overlap and that, while exporting, no changes are made to the source data.

export notes

Why migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 and Lotus Notes to SharePoint

There are two good reasons why it makes sense to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 and Lotus Notes to SharePoint. Firstly, your users may want to access files and documents in SharePoint and Office 365 rather than in Lotus Notes. Secondly, your company may not have anything to do with Lotus OS (that HCL acquired in 2019) as the files and documents archived in the original Lotus Notes version are outmoded.

Tzunami Deployer is a perfect software to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 & SharePoint. Users can easily understand that it is beneficial for them.

If you have a migration project and you want a free trial version – just contact us and we will be glad to provide you all the details.


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