What you MUST know before SharePoint & Office 365 Data Migration

What you MUST know before SharePoint & Office 365 Data Migration


Data is at the heart of every organization and data migrations aren’t easy. This article outlines what requires your attention before choosing a migration provider. This is definitely not the time to take any risks.
Sometimes we understand that what started with a few documents as a simple collaboration tool, perhaps as a shared folder with a few permissions, has bloomed into a multifaceted service with several layers of permissions, metadata and different options adapted to your needs. Here you can find a few tips to help you decide which data migration provider might be the best for your company.


A key factor when defining who will help you in your upcoming migration project. Always look for the Master – a Leading Product with Proven Execution in SharePoint  & Office 365 Migration.

A Leading Product that will ensure handling the complexity of your ECM (Enterprise Content Management) is simplified into a few quick steps. Knowing how to extract the data, keeping the content intact in the target SharePoint, maintain permission, apply advanced settings, and track changes for delta migration eliminates any complications.

Proven execution without any data loss and achieving the expected results on time. Look for a partner with a long history of professional experience, a high number of projects, and proven execution in different arenas. A solution that is capable of automating the entire content migration process, with the option to present relevant references of previous migrations that are similar by systems, size and sector to your project. A migration tool that supports several platforms like SharePoint, eRoom, Documentum, LiveLink, DocuShare, eDocs (Hummingbird), Lotus, HPE Content Manager knows how to do the job right.


Customer Service

Successful data migration depends as much on people as it does on technology. You should also focus your initial discussions on how much support is given throughout the migration effort. Do they know how to work with different versions? Do they include a 24/7 support plan?


Every business has its own unique structure, permissions, workflows, configurations and metadata. That is why you have to ask for a plan tailored to your needs. In this way, you can preserve your files, lists, libraries, sites and more by moving to SharePoint. By considering these factors, you should be able to make a decision which fits to your organization’s requirements.

Security migration

Finding out a good solution for the security of your data while migrating from one provider to the next can be challenging. Data breaches, unsecured interfaces and cloud platforms, privacy breaches and data loss are some of the major issues that one should consider before migrating their data. The provider must maintain permissions and internal processes to avoid any loss of data and potential breaches.

Our recommendation

Before choosing a migration provider, ask for a demo, get a referral and do  research until you have all the information required. The next key step is evaluating the migration service to make sure it fits your needs. After all, the key to success is to make your content migration project predictable. You don’t want any surprises while transferring terabytes of data.


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