Tzunami Deployer for Lotus Notes to SharePoint migration

Tzunami announces newest version of Tzunami Deployer for Lotus Notes to SharePoint migration

Latest version of market-leading SharePoint Migration Tool includes enhanced features for migrating content and applications from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010

Bellevue, WA (April, 2010) — Tzunami Inc., the SharePoint migration masters, today announces the release of its latest version of Tzunami Deployer for Lotus Notes migration. Version 2.5 offers enhanced features to efficiently and accurately migrate application content from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and 2010.

The latest version of Tzunami Deployer for Lotus Notes Migration supports the extraction of Notes documents in several formats on top of Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007, enabling users to select the most suitable format according to their business needs. Lotus Notes Forms can be extracted as InfoPath forms and templates, maintaining all fields and values. Tzunami Deployer for Lotus Notes migration’s latest release allows users to choose specific content they want to migrate by displaying the Notes database structure in an intuitive user interface. Users can select specific Lotus Notes views whose content they wish to migrate, or they can opt to migrate Lotus Notes documents from a specific form. Critical aspects like Access Control Lists (ACL), users and groups permissions/roles, are handled effectively up to document-level security. As part of the latest release, Tzunami provides a revolutionary solution to handle DocLink redirection, through an additional tool – Tzunami URL Redirector – that interacts with Tzunami Deployer to redirect a DocLink request to the best location of the target SharePoint.

“Tzunami is happy to release its newest version for Lotus Notes migration. Our ability to deliver an innovative and comprehensive solution to the growing need of Lotus Notes migration reflects our commitment to our customers, who see SharePoint as a strategic foundation and are looking for a cutting edge solution to facilitate their shift from Lotus Notes to SharePoint products. Our response to the demand to migrate and the usability and automation capabilities of Tzunami Deployer SharePoint Migration tools minimizes the manpower our customers must dedicate to migrating  from Lotus Notes and will increase return on their SharePoint technology investment,” said Nimrod Berger VP Global Sales and Marketing of Tzunami.  “With our extensive experience, the newest version of Tzunami Deployer for Lotus Notes Migration will enable organizations to completely migrate their Lotus Notes applications and content, and consolidate their Lotus Notes applications to one centralized SharePoint solution. This once again reflects our commitment to making migration from any source content platform easy, cost-efficient, comprehensive and accurate.” 

Tzunami Deployer is a family of applications that enables rapid content migration from a variety of source content platforms to advanced SharePoint structures. The latest version includes new features for even greater ease of metadata migration while ensuring retention of vital enterprise information. These include the addition of newly created properties to the default view and automatic repair of invalid metadata, which improve the handling of migrated content and enables System Administrators and PM’s to maintain information governance across the organization. The solution fully supports and preserves security settings to maintain compliance. Enhanced rule engine conditions handling and an innovative user interface increase the ease and accuracy of automating migration to SharePoint, allowing minimal intervention during the migration process.

The Tzunami Deployer family of migration tools seamlessly transfers content from all major legacy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems as well as customized solutions.  It features a powerful graphic user interface with easy-to-use drag and drop features to streamline business-critical processes. Tzunami Deployer automates the migration process for unstructured content and provides remote access to sites, including those behind firewalls. Tzunami Deployer is available for File\Network Shares; SharePoint Portal Server 2001; SharePoint 2003/WSS 2.0; MOSS/WSS 3.0; SharePoint Foundations\Server 2010; Exchange Public Folders; LiveLink; DocuShare; EMC Documentum; EMC eRoom; Hummingbird DM; Hyperwave; Plumtree/AquaLogic; Lotus Notes; custom repositories and others.

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