New and improved Confluence cloud to SharePoint Migration Tool

We’re excited to announce new improvements to the Confluence Office 365 SharePoint Migration Tool.

Tzunami Deployer is designed to be used for migrations of all sizes, from the smallest set of Confluence content migrations to a large scale enterprise migration. Our migration solution will let you easily and securely transfer your data from Confluence cloud to Office 365 and enjoy the latest collaboration, intelligence, and security solutions of Microsoft.

We’ve been continually working to improve the Confluence migration tool and help you accelerate your journey to Microsoft 365, from support for Confluence comments migrations, to incremental improvements to the user experience. We’re adding some new exciting improvements to help you on your migration project from Atlassian Confluence to SharePoint.

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What’s changed in the latest release of Tzunami Deployer for Confluence cloud?

There has been some improvements applied for comments, TOC links, support for Page Properties Report Macro and some others.

  • Move comments from Confluence Cloud to Office 365: Migrate important information, questions, remark on content and generally drive collaboration.
  • Migrate macros: Allowing you to add extra functionality or include dynamic content. Supported Macros:  Action Task, Anchor Macro,  Attachment, Blog Post, Calendar, Change History, Gallery,  Notification and many more.
  • Transfer TOC links: Table of Contents helps find the way around lengthy pages by summarizing the content structure and providing links to headings.
  • Migrate Confluence wiki pages.
  • Security migration
  • Maintain Metadata
  • and more…


Using Confluence Cloud?

Learn more about our Confluence Office 365 integration


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