Migrating Confluence macros with Tzunami Deployer migration tool

The macro body is the content that displayed on a Confluence page.

Using Tzunami Deployer exporter the following macros type can be migrated into any SharePoint:

S.no Supported Macro 
1 Action Task
2 Anchor Macro
3 Attachment
4 Blog Post
5 Calendar
6 Change History
7 ChildrenDisplay
8 Code Block
9 Column
10 Comment Macros
11 Confluence Page Layout
12 Content By Label Macro
13 Content Format Handler
14 Contributors
15 Cross Space Content Handler Base
16 Deck of Card
17 Emoticon
18 ExcerptInclude
19 Expand
20 Favorite Page Handler
21 Footer.cs
22 Gallery
23 Gliffy
24 Handler Base
25 Header
26 Html
27 Html Include
28 Image
29 Include Page
30 Info
31 Jira
32 Label Handler
33 Link
34 Media
35 Notes
36 Notification
37 Page Handler
38 Page Layout
39 Page Layout Handler
40 PageTree
41 Panel
42 Popular Labels
43 Profile
44 Recently Updated
45 Section
46 Status
47 Symbol
48 Tab
49 Table Format Handler
50 Table Layout
51 Table of Content
52 Task List
53 Tiny Macro Handlers
54 Tips
55 User Mention
56 User List Handler
57 View File
58 Wedgets


Tzunami Deployer for Atlassian Confluence allows the user to run the export command on one machine, while loading the data onto another. With the ability to connect remotely to the Atlassian Confluence server, users easily chose the content to be migrated. Using Tzunami Deployer, you can easily migrate your Confluence to SharePoint products and technologies.



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