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Our migration solution easily transfers data from Enterprise Content Management Systems to any SharePoint (e.g Atlassian Confluence to SharePoint 2019), and automates the entire process of migrating unstructured content.  Expediting your SharePoint Migration can be achieved with proper preparation.  We recommend following these steps when using Tzunami Deployer migration tool:

  • Drag and drop: Deploy selected items from the source to a pre-determined location in the target. At this stage of the Deployment, you should already be aware of what you’re dragging (site, list, etc.) and which properties you want to add accordingly.
  • Mass Deploy: Repeat the “Drag and Drop” phase for as many projects as you like. Keep in mind that using more than one person to conduct the migration can help you move through the different phases simultaneously and thereby at a quicker pace. Make sure not to deploy the same site collection using two different projects that are destined to run simultaneously, as this could cause inconsistency issues.
  • Review the Deploy Reports for any warnings
  • Check for problems before deployment: Before deploying your project to SharePoint, use the “find problems” option from the Deployer menu (Ctrl +P) in order to identify any issues that may occur as a result of SharePoint limitations, such as long URLs, or blocked extensions.
  • SharePoint Limitations: Keep in mind SharePoint column limitations while adding missing properties.
  • Multiple Deployment: Simulate multiple deployments for a source type till you find the one that suits your needs best. Use the same deployment pattern for that item type in future.

Our technical team is available 24/7 to ensure you receive the maximum from Tzunami’s SharePoint migration tools. Tzunami’s customer support team is standing by to help you achieve successful deployment of existing data into SharePoint Platforms.
To contact a customer support representative please email International Support: [email protected].


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