New Case Study – Pharmaceutical Firm’s SharePoint Migration : EMC eRoom to MOSS

New Case Study – Pharmaceutical Firm’s SharePoint Migration : EMC eRoom to MOSS

Migrating a leading Pharmaceutical Firm’s eRooms Collaboration Enviroment to SharePoint 2007.
The Company
The client is a US-based global research healthcare company with leading prescription, consumer and animal health products. It has business operations in more than 120 countries and annual sales of over $12.5 billion.
The Situation
In late 2007, the pharmaceutical firm determined that upgrading to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) would enhance collaboration and increase efficiency within the organization.  A strategic decision was made to move from the eRooms collaborative platform to MOSS. Up to 600GB of content and structures was to be migrated as part of the project.
The Challenge
Due to the pharmaceutical company’s size, its geographically distributed structure and the life-or-death importance of reliable delivery of its products and product-related information, migration of documents and data structures from eRooms to MOSS had to be absolutely seamless. Security groupings needed to be redefined and upgraded as part of the process. And because profitability is always the bottom line, the migration had to offer high ROI.
The firm identified a number of features and capabilities that were essential for ensuring accurate migration while minimizing costly hands-on project management. These included staged content migration; automatic scheduling of export and commit processes; ability to accurately capture document content as well as extensive document metadata; and support for reorganization of security groups.
The Solution
Tzunami Deployer, an advanced and powerful dedicated SharePoint migration toolwas selected by the pharmaceutical firm based on its ability to maximize efficiency through an automated migration approach. Tzunami’s dedicated solutions for each source platform are more cost-effective than the multi-platform solutions that are the industry norm, resulting in high ROI for the company.
The pharmaceutical firm utilized a dual-track structure, comprising a Fast Migration Track and a Business Analysis Track, to which contents and structures were assigned based on a quality assessment. Tzunami Deployer’s ability to connect several document repository platforms as source and target platforms was key to this approach.
To increase efficiency, communications going out to the business used mail templates and scripts that were developed to automate loading of imports to the Tzunami Deployer and subsequent uploading to MOSS.
The pharmaceutical company leveraged Tzunami Deployer’s batch capability to run both eRoom Exporter and Deployer in batch mode. Automatically scheduling export and commit processes saved significant project management time.
Tzunami Deployer’s unique security mapping method was used to re-organize eRoom’s security scheme while migrating to SharePoint, enabling the company to take full advantage of SharePoint’s security models.
All metadata associated with eRoom features that the pharmaceutical firm used extensively, including databases, document versioning, topics, votes and more were automatically captured. Using Tzunami Deployer’s sophisticated rule engine, complex rule sets were developed that specified how content and structures should be uploaded to MOSS. Rule sets were also applied to updating and reorganizing security groups as part of the migration process.
“Tzunami Deployer’s flexible yet highly automated approach to migration, as well as its platform-specific product, allowed us to maximize the return on our migration to MOSS,” said Arnold Verstraten the firm’s Migration Program Manager. “Migration was accomplished quickly, easily and accurately. The staged batch approach ensured that mission-critical business processes continued without interruption; essential metadata, hierarchy ACLs and security models were preserved; and information quality was maintained throughout the transition.”
Cost effective and comprehensive migration of mission-critical collaborative platform content and structures requires a high degree of automation, while enabling detailed definition of rules for metadata capture, security structures, versioning and more. For a leading pharmaceutical firm, Tzunami Deployer ensured optimal migrations as well as robust return on investment.


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