Tzunami Deployer Selected by Leading Pharmaceutical Firm to Migrate Collaboration Environment to SharePoint

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Tzunami Deployer Selected by a Leading Pharmaceutical Firm to Migrate Collaboration Environment to SharePoint 2007
Automated Tzunami Deployer universal migration engine to ensure fast, comprehensive transition to organized, secure MOSS data structures


October 13, 2008
BELLEVUE, Washington


Tzunami Inc., a leading provider of SharePoint migration solutions, today announced that its Tzunami Deployer migration tool has been selected by one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world to migrate more than 1600 eRooms serving over 10,000 users worldwide to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS).
The customer based its choice on Tzunami Deployer’s exceptionally high return on investment, the result of its ability to capture extensive, critical document metadata; migrate content in stages; and update security structures without a great deal of costly hands-on project management.  Tzunami Deployer’s batch capability, which allows the customer to run both eRoom Exporter and Deployer in batch mode, and automatic scheduling of export and commit processes save significant project management time as well, further boosting ROI.Tzunami Deployer automatically captures all metadata associated with eRoom features used extensively by the pharmaceutical firm including databases, document versioning, routing buttons, votes and more. Its support for complex rule sets for updating and reorganizing security groups as part of the migration process represents a distinct security handling advantage over other migration solutions.Tzunami Deployer maximizes migration efficiency by enabling the client to utilize a dual-track structure, assigning content and structures to either a Fast Migration Track or a Business Analysis Track based on quality assessment. Tzunami Deployer’s ability to connect several document repositories as source and target platforms enabled this approach.
“Advanced Tzunami Deployer capabilities make automated migration accurate and secure as well as quick and easy,” said Nimrod Berger, Tzunami VP of Global Sales and Marketing. “The GUI made it easy for us to develop scripts that automate loading of imports and the rule engine allowed us to easily specify how content and structures should be uploaded to MOSS. We were able to migrate security permissions in a two-step process that allowed us to create new security groups that better reflect the client’s current needs.”

Up to 600GB of content and structures will be migrated as part of this project, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2008. Tzunami is assisting the pharmaceutical firm in designing and implementing rulesets and has reorganized the client’s security architecture for the MOSS environment, primarily through grouping.

Many pharmaceutical and health care companies have chosen Tzunami Deployer migration solutions because of their ability to faithfully preserve essential metadata, hierarchy ACLs and security models and maintain information quality throughout the transition to MOSS.

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