Documentum to SharePoint 2019 Migration

SharePoint Migration Case Study

Utility Regulator, US

Data migration from Documentum to SharePoint 2019

SharePoint Migration Case Study Overview

Large Utility Regulator based in the US, contacted Tzunami for a migration project of 530 GB. On Premise Documentum 7.2 Server and SharePoint 2013 into SharePoint 2019.

The Utility Regulator migrated Enterprise data (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, PDF, Images, Compressed Zip files, Text files, CSVs, and email files).

The reason of upgrading to SharePoint 2019 was ease of use and benefits of using SharePoint to manage content for thousands of users.

Tzunami collaborated with Reality Tech who were responsible for managing and executing the enterprise migration project.

Our approach was to inventory the content to be migrated, and plan a cascading series of full migrations followed by delta migrations as we approved cutover.  Millions of documents were migrated successfully into SharePoint 2019.


Documentum & SharePoint 2013


SharePoint 2019


530 GB

Success Highlights

Tzunami's Support Review

As is inevitably the case in every migration, support was required.  “The Tzunami support team is in a word excellent, as well as responsive.  We had an issue with a license file, which was easily resolved with a support call, and an issue with long path/filename occurrences, which are a common issue in migrations to SharePoint.  The later support issue required a new release, which Tzunami turned around surprisingly quickly”. Joel Plaut, Reality Tech, Inc.

Tzunami Deployer solution

Tzunami Deployer let you easily and securely transfer your data to any SharePoint from Documentum and more than 20 integrations. The solution allows the user to run the export command on one machine, while loading the data onto another. With the ability to connect remotely to the Server, users can easily chose the content they wish to be migrated.

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