OpenText Content Server to SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online Migration Case Study

Data migration from OpenText Content Server to SharePoint Online

OpenText content Server Migration Case Study Overview

A holding company based in the US, used Tzunami for a successful migration project of 1.5 TB on Premise OpenText Content Server 10.5 to SharePoint online.

The company migrated mostly project related files: Word, Excel, Planner, PowerPoint, and emails; Operations: Excel, Diagrams, PDF’s; Financial: Excel, PowerPoint, Word, PDF’s.

The company’s OpenText/SharePoint Administrator, told us that the reason of migrating to SharePoint online was that SharePoint Online offered more collaboration opportunities than OpenText Content Server.

Before the migration, they used the Tzunami Deployer analyzer tool for pre migration analysis. During the migration he used other Deployer features which helped him to successfully transfer 1.5 TB from OpenText Content Server to SharePoint online.

Source System

OpenText Content Server 10.5

Target System

SharePoint online


1.5 TB

Success highlights

Tzunami Deployer solution

Tzunami Deployer let you quickly and securely migrate your data to any SharePoint from OpenText Content Server and more than 20 integrations.

The Tzunami Deployer for OpenText Content Server solution allows the user to run the export command on one machine, while loading the data onto another. With the ability to connect remotely to the OpenText Content Server, users can easily choose the content they wish to be migrated.

Using Tzunami Deployer, you can migrate easily Gigabytes, Terabytes, and petabytes from OpenText Content Server to SharePoint and dramatically reduce migration costs.

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