Mergers and Acquisitions… can be a mess

Over the past years, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) have reached surprising amount of companies, using financing strategies to maximize shareholder value and create a competitive advantage. We define acquisition when a larger company takes over a smaller one; a merger typically involves two relative equals joining forces and creating a new company.


What do you have to know prior to the integration process?

The process of combining both companies is not easy. A successful integration requires understanding how to make trade-offs between speed and careful planning. During this process, you will need to define the priorities based on your goals; re-design the organization and operating plan including the personnel. And it is strongly recommended to aggressively implement the integration plan by DAY 100.

Mergers and Acquisitions Data Migration

Your business is about to be merged soon, have you figured out how to manage your content?

One of the biggest assets in both companies is the content they create, store, collaborate and share. During the definition of the integration plan, one of the most important milestone should be the merging of the content created by both sides. But it is not always an easy task. Companies keeps their content in different Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, from different vendors, different versions, different configurations with different permissions, with different rules and folder hierarchy.

Tzunami Deployer can easily solve it for you!

Tzunami Deployer knows how to deal with all those differences; and has the ability to migrate from one side to the other. We can help you to prepare a Migration Plan, and with our migration tool this task will be easy to complete. Tzunami Deployer already supports migrations to Share Point from almost every Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems: all SharePoint versions from 2001 to 2019, Office 365 SharePoint Online, DocuShare, eRoom,  HPE Content Manager, IBM LotusNotes, Oracle WCI, Hyperwave, AquaLogic, IBM FileNet, Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), Atlassian Confluence, OpenText: Documentum, LiveLink, eDocs (Hummingbird). Tzunami can this transition so easy to you, along with supporting old versions and SP2019.


Tzunami Deployer has the best solution for your migration

For over a decade, Tzunami’s solutions are leading the market of content migration into Microsoft SharePoint – starting with SharePoint 2001, up to today’s most recent versions.

At Tzunami Inc., we understand the challenges of a fast-changing technological environment. Enterprises today need a simple solution that migrates all an organization’s content to advanced SharePoint systems.

Tzunami Deployer supports migration from variety of ECMs (for example from Documentum To SharePoint, Confluence to SharePoint, Docushare to SharePoint and many more), allowing you to export content from multiple source systems with a stand-alone application, which is a simple and easy to learn interface.

Tzunami Deployer can be adapted to fit a client’s specific needs, resulting in a tailor-made product suitable for each and every organization or company.

Tzunami Deployer automates the complete process of migrating unstructured content. Facilitating the groundwork of remote modeling and migration, Tzunami Deployer ensures the seamless planning offline (and even off-site), working on virtual simulations of both systems.

With 24/7 comprehensive support, we help you effectively and cohesively manage, migrate and transfer your data content.




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