Press Release: Redirect URLs Throughout SharePoint Migration Process

As published on SBWire: August 20, 2013

Bellevue, WA — 08/20/2013 — New Tzunami URL Redirector Add-on gives users uninterrupted access to their content throughout the Migration Process

Tzunami, the leading provider of advanced SharePoint migration solutions, today announced the updated release of Tzunami URL Redirector Add-On Tool. This Add-on tool is the first of its kind in the field of Migration to SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint Online.

As SharePoint continues to thrive among many of the world’s largest organizations in providing a secure and reliable content management platform, an increasing number of organizations are seeking to transfer the content from their old legacy content management platform to the most updated version of SharePoint. One of the largest challenges faced by organizations migrating from other ECMs is the inability to automatically redirect the URLs from the legacy system. This causes unnecessary manual work for users, who are forced to spend time searching for their content in the newly migrated SharePoint environment. Tzunami’s URL Redirector Add-in tool was developed specifically for this purpose. Tzunami’s URL Re-director scans the reports of the migrated content and fixes the links from outdated legacy systems. Users who access their files from the legacy system are notified about whether or not their content has been migrated, and they are simultaneously provided with the newly created URL in SharePoint. The old links are redirected to a designated SharePoint URL, allowing end-users to access content from their old systems.

The URL Redirector also solves the problem of internal linkage between files, preventing the loss of important data during the migration process.

“Often times, organizations will have files which contain links to other files. These internal links have a tendency to be broken when moved to a new SharePoint environment. As a result, users find themselves manually searching for files and fixing the broken links, inevitably draining on business productivity,” says Roy Ladelsky, Tzunami’s VP of Sales.

“With the automated technology of the URL Redirector Add-On tool, these links within files are corrected automatically.”

The URL Redirector is an add-on tool to be used in conjunction with Tzunami Deployer SharePoint Migration Solutions. The Add-on fixes links to provide users with uninterrupted access to their content throughout the SharePoint migration, while simultaneously fixing internal linkage issues.

About Tzunami
As the pioneers in the field of content migration, Tzunami has a strong track record of providing SharePoint Migration Solutions to global enterprises. Offering a simplified migration solution, Tzunami transfers all of an organization’s content to advanced SharePoint systems from multiple sources. With clients including federal government entities, Fortune 500 companies and well-known multinationals, Tzunami boasts the expertise and flexibility to deliver simple, fast and effective solutions for all customer requirements. To learn more please contact: [email protected].

As published on SBWire: August 20, 2013 in SBWire



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