Tzunami Webcast – Automating a SharePoint Migration

Watch this Tzunami Webcast to learn how to automate your migration to SharePoint using the Tzunami Deployer Rule Engine.

Deployer Rule Engine is a powerful component of our SharePoint migration tool that enables you to automate large parts of the deployment process by creating flowcharts of If-Then statements in a rules editor.

A Rule consists of a set of conditions (logical IFs) and Actions (logical THENs). If all conditions are fully met, then the Actions are executed. A Rule Set is a set of rules that define deployment options for a specific Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

Using the Rule Engine provides you with a high degree of freedom in designating how you would like to automate the SharePoint Migration – inherently providing you with a customized sharepoint migration solution.

Take a look at the multiple uses of the Tzunami Deployer Rule Engine here:


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