Tzunami Tip: Handling Subgroups in SharePoint Migration

The security structure of many ECMs allows for the creation of different permissions groups within a parent permission group.  This presents an issue when migrating to SharePoint, since SharePoint does not support the same permissions structure.

At Tzunami, we are well aware of the challenges of SharePoint migration, and we have therefore included features to our SharePoint Migration Tool to help overcome these obstacles.  With Tzunami Deployer for SharePoint Migration, we offer two suggestions for migrating groups within groups:

1. You can change the Deployer settings in order to “flatten the groups,” meaning push all subgroups up to the level of the parent group.  If you choose this option you should open the Advanced Settings in Deployer:

Tools > Advanced Settings > SharePoint Tab > Set the flat FlatGroupMembers to True

2. Another option is to simply create all of the sub groups (as they currently exist in the Legacy System) in your SharePoint Active Directory. Then, using Tzunami Deployer, you will be able to map each subgroup to the matching group in the Active Directory.


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