What about the BLOB?

Tzunami supports use of Remote Blob Storage (RBS) for SharePoint

Here’s another question we get from our clients – does Tzunami support the usage of Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) for SharePoint?  The answer is yes, Tzunami is able to provide support for FILESTREAM Provider RBS.

The RBS functions as a set of standardized APIs which allow you to store and retrieve blobs exterior to your main SQL database.  The files/blobs are are stored by SharePoint in a content database.  It’s recommended to use RBS when the size of the content databases exceed 4 GB.
For clarifications on installation and usage of RBS, we suggest checking out any of the following blog posts: FAQ: SharePoint 2010 Remote BLOB Storage (RBS)
Configure Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) with the FILESTREAM provider (SharePoint 2010)
Install and Configure RBS (SharePoint Foundation 2010)


Tzunami Deployer communicates with the standard SharePoint API.  This means that any content which is uploaded there and is meant to be stored in the RBS will be able to reach its destination in the same way as it would if you were to upload it yourselves to SharePoint, even though the process is done through the Deployer migration process.If you’re using a third party RBS storage system, we’d recommend reaching out to the support team at [email protected] to ensure that we can support this system.



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